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Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Expert / Witness

If you are in need of a vocational rehabilitation specialist in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Disability, or Forensic Research call Ronald Leebove, CRC, LLC.

Ron performing job analysis at a local dry cleaning plant.

Listed below is an outline of the Vocational Rehabilitation Process, which can include:

i. Introduction – Topic: Rehabilitation in the Legal Arena

ii. Assessment and Evaluation

  • Intake interview
  • Review of all medical records and school records
  • Setting goals and an appropriate diagnostic plan
  • Interpretation of patient medical status and physical/cognitive limitations
  • Confer with treating doctors and therapists to manage medical care and costs
  • Patient referrals for medical evaluations and treatment

iii. Vocational Phase of Rehabilitation Services

  • Scheduling, review and/or interpretation of vocational testing
  • Transferable work skills analysis
  • The Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • The Job Analysis and its impact on damages
  • The Work Hardening or Work Conditioning Program
  • Vocational counseling and career planning

iv. I.M.E. / D.M.E. Examination

  • Review and interpretation of medical information and physical/cognitive limitations
  • Patient preparation for physician’s interview and physical examination
  • Accompany patient to I.M.E./D.M.E. Examination

v. Expert Testimony

  • Educates jury on the effects of injury on employment and activities of daily living
  • Explains reason for change of employment or that patient can return to work with minimal adjustment
  • Provides vocational rehabilitation opinions regarding loss of earning capacity / loss of earnings

Vocational Evaluations – Family Law

  • I offer vocational evaluations as they apply to family law cases and, more specifically, spousal maintenance issues.
  • I am able to render expert opinions pertaining to vocational/employment potential, loss of earnings and earning capacity.
  • My analysis is not limited to simple calculations, but further identifies available jobs, wages and benefits, training requirements and appropriate job search techniques to successfully obtain employment.
  • The analysis takes into consideration:
    • custody of children
    • age
    • education
    • employment history
    • transferable skills
    • labor market trends
    • disability that may be reported by the individual being examined

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I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the process or services I provide.