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“My relationship with Ron Leebove began in 1998 and since that time, we have grown to be good friends. I have retained his services for both complex personal injury and lengthy conflicted family law issues involving spousal maintenance. He has been called as a deponent and expert witness. He always presents extremely well, has full knowledge of the facts of the case, and provides precise and accurate responses. In some instances, because of Ron’s testimony, cases have been settled before trial.

I have always found him to be extremely professional, honest and thorough, paying close attention to even the smallest details. I know when I retain Ron, the report will be concise, exact, timely and very well put together.

Ron is very personable and easy to work with on cases. His pleasant demeanor does not take away from his very serious work ethic. Ron would be a great asset and an invaluable team member for any firm to retain. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.”

John “Jack” Assini Attorney At Law – Tucson, AZ

“The purpose of this letter is to recommend Ron Leebove as a vocational rehabilitation expert for any kind of personal injury case. I have used Mr. Leebove as a vocational rehabilitation expert for over twenty years. He has testified in trial and at deposition. Ron is responsive and committed to any case he undertakes. He will be candid in his assessments and opinions. His reports are thoroughly researched and supported. He leaves no stone unturned. If he needs a functional capacity test to support his opinions, he takes care and sees that it gets done. Ron works exceptionally well with treating doctors and utilizes special requests from the doctors to ensure their reports address necessary issues. Ron is also very fair in his billing practices. In addition to the excellent work Ron does when formally retained, he is also reliable in discussing potential cases and whether a vocational rehabilitation expert is even needed. I highly recommend Ron as a vocational rehabilitation expert.”

Glynn W. Gilcrease, Jr. Attorney At Law – Tempe AZ

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Ronald Leebove, CRC, DABFC. Our firm has four attorneys and I believe we have all worked with Ron in his capacity as a Vocational Rehabilitation Expert. He ambitiously works on cases and has only enhanced our positions. He has testified successfully in depositions and arbitrations. It is my belief we never would have received the positive outcomes without his reports/evaluations. He has also connected us with economists and other healthcare providers over the years. He can arrange for proper healthcare examinations and treatment, as well as describe the diminished earning capacity and vocational limitations for injured people with limitations/disabilities. He has attended medical exams with our clients to insure fair evaluations. Additionally, our clients are very comfortable working with Ron as he truly cares about them. Our firm recommends Ron Leebove as an expert in any personal injury/wrongful death claim.

Alan Bowman, Certified Specialist in Personal Injury & Wrongful Death,
Bowman & Smith P.C. – Yuma AZ

“I have had the pleasure to know and to work with Ronald Leebove for over twenty years. His knowledge and understanding of medical conditions, treatment and the impact of permanent disability is impressive. Ron himself has endured his own medical challenges since birth. His empathy for severely injured people are genuine. He not only develops the injuries on the surface of the matter, he also spots and supports injuries that often are missed and related to the case. These extra injuries strongly add to the value of the case.

He is always upbeat and supportive of the people he works with. A unique aspect of Ron’s rehabilitation practice is that he is proactive in helping patients recover from devastating injuries, while at the same time coordinating medical care and other services. I have found Ron to be accessible during and after business hours. He has always met deadlines as they pertain to disclosure opinions and reports.

Ron utilizes his extensive research and vast knowledge in rendering vocational rehabilitation reports that are thorough, and I know that his opinions will always be backed up by strong evidence. He is a seasoned expert witness in Court.

I fully support and recommend Ronald Leebove, CRC, DABFC as a Vocational Rehabilitation Expert, especially when the case involves catastrophic injury and employability issues. He makes the employment issues tangible, understandable and valuable to the amount of monies recovered for the injured party.”

Raymond F. Arenofsky, Attorney at Law – Knollmiller & Arenofsky, LLP – Mesa, AZ

Dear Ron:
The jury rendered a $1.3 million verdict. We could not have obtained this result without you.
We thank you for your services and hopefully look forward to working with you in the future.

Bryon Middlebrook – Flagstaff, AZ

Just wanted to express our thanks for your efforts regarding our recent personal injury case.

This personal injury case required a deft and experienced expert. I must say that your interview of the client revealed more than I ever knew – insights that really assisted in the prosecution of the case. My client called to say that she enjoyed meeting you and felt that you really cared about her as a human being. I told her “It’s no act; he really does care about you.” I also feel you care about me; you had my back when we were faced with tough deadlines with 6 experts to coordinate.

Again, thanks for your support. I am so glad to have found you!

Randy Yavitz – Hunter, Humphrey & Yavitz, PLC – Phoenix, AZ